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Engaging Teachers in High Quality Math Tasks

I had the pleasure of working with 23 primary and middle school teachers in the latest series of InspireMath Institute courses - High Quality Math Tasks. Teachers discussed the attributes of and engaged in high quality math tasks while applying formative assessment strategies and standards-based grading. They were very insightful evenings, where teachers left feeling more confident in selecting or creating high quality tasks to implement in their own classrooms. Not only was this a learning and professional growth opportunity for the teachers who attended, but I left reflecting on two main points from this session.

Firstly, I realized that we have only begun to uncover the full potential of Bermuda's best educators. Bermuda has a multitude of talented educators who often have their creativity and inspiration restricted because they are confined to the four walls of their classroom or bogged down by administrative paperwork. Secondly, our Bermudian educators want what is best for our future, however, they need and want instructional support.

Professional development is the initial phase of making instructional shifts, however, it is the coaching and support that truly makes an impact on the instructional practices and the continued growth of the teachers and ultimately the success of future generations. I look forward to continuing our network of support through InspireMath! More InspireMath courses coming this spring/summer.

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