​After years of working with teacher and leaders in schools, Lou and Rebeka came together in 2017 to form InspireMath with the shared passion for building success for all children in mathematics. InspireMath is founded on the idea that great learning experiences in math and science begin with engaged students, dynamic teachers,  relevant tasks and empowered relationships.  Working with leaders, practitioners and communities to design programs, curriculum, and instruction, the InspireMath team is growing and on a  mission to bring inspiring mathematics and STEM to communities around the world.

Dr. Lou

Lou is currently the Director of Mathematics and Science at Urban Teachers and founder/CEO of InspireMath].  Dr. Lou has been spreading math inspiration as a speaker, mathematician, education leader and content creator across the United States, Caribbean, Africa and Bermuda.  Lou has authored studies, book chapters, websites, ebooks and tools, and articles on re-imagining mathematics as culturally relevant and sustaining. Most recently, Lou has created Pi Before Dinner, a growing, organic Facebook community and weekly mathematics podcast and website (pibeforedinner.com) for parents and teachers focused on creating spaces that amplify and illuminate the voices and images of Black children, families and community. Dr. Lou Matthews is a leading mathematics commentator on social media and focuses on issues of mathematics, racial equality and justice.