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  • The Inspire Math Foundation

    We've just registered the InspireMath Foundation as a nonprofit arm of our work to support the development of rich culturally relevant experiences in mathematics. In 2018 we travelled to Gomoa Fetteh, Ghana to support development of the AceIt Foundation STEAM Academy and  partner with local district and school officials. We participated in and  taught STEM lessons, explored key aspects of Ghanaian history and culture and interacted with teachers and leaders culminating in a workshop with over 100 educators entitled, "Beyond Excellence: Creating Culturally Responsive Teaching in Mathematics for Ghanaian Children". 

  • InspireMath Institutes

    InspireMath continues to host courses for teachers advocating excellence in teaching mathematics for children. Connect to learn more about our latest Thinkific course offerings for teachers and students. 

  • InspireMath Tutoring

    We're currently registering select BERMUDA students for virtual online math tutoring with expert math coaches and mentors.


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