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Pi Before Dinner is an education site featuring inspiring resources, talks and tutorials in mathematics.which explore mathematics, justice and community

3 keys for Culturally Relevant mathemati

May 28

Cheesecake, figs, and pinot noir.


Designing interesting, engaging empowering math activities and experiences this 3-point rubric tool.


Check out our site at Pibeforedinner.com for podcasts, videos downloads and readings on inspiring mathematics and STEM

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Tutoring and Coaching

A growing part of what we do is coaching and advising families as well as pairing students with master math coaches for tutoring and mentoring (Currently nonUS clients)

NonProfit Work

Have a project in mind that our collaborative network can help build? We love to design projects focused on culturally relevant mathematics teaching!


Connect with InspireMath's team of mathematics and STEM expertise for your next individual or corporate project in DEI, racial justice and equity