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Welcome to the Hope Wheel

Welcome to the Hope Wheel, a unique tool designed to enrich STEM education by fostering culturally relevant learning environments. Centered around six transformative verbs—Love, Protest, Restore, Invest, Inspire, and Create—the Hope Wheel guides educators in integrating deeper community values and social consciousness into their curricula. Explore how each action-oriented verb can empower and inspire both teachers and students to engage with learning in profoundly meaningful ways.

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Why We Think People

Love the Hope Wheel


Create Engaging and Challenging Lessons

The Hope Wheel helps teachers intentionally design lessons, objectives and activities that are both engaging and challenging, ensuring students stay challenged and interested in their learning journey.


Build Culturally Relevant Math Tasks

Supports teachers to Integrate culturally relevant content directly into math lessons, making learning more relatable and engaging for students by immersing mathematical concepts to real-life contexts.


Versatile Across Grades and Subjects

Originally designed for math, the Hope verbs can be applied across various subjects, allowing teachers to incorporate culturally responsive practices in any discipline along with math.


Inspires Hope and Joy

The language is beautiful. It gives us the "words" to inspire! Use inspirational verbs to promote joyful, authentic, and rigorous learning experiences, fostering a positive and engaging classroom environment.


5 AI Prompts for Using the Hope Wheel to Plan STEM Lessons


Authentic Intelligence in STEM: Humanizing Learning with AI

Join the Hope Wheel Circle.

Ayanna, CA

Simple yet powerful! A fantastic grabber to use with students and colleagues! I see students wanting to add actions to this Hope Wheel during the year.  Thank you for this!

Jenna, MA

I had not seen the Hope Wheel...and it's just stunning -- both in its elegance and also its instructional implications.


...a new way of thinking about the mathematical experiences we offer our children.
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