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Tools work best when they are authentic and communities of educators can explore and transform practice together. We create practice communities  of culturally responsive practice around the tools we design. We design in community. For community.

* Our materials are copyrighted to preserve intellectual property rights.

Tools + Community

The Hope Wheel© is an educational tool designed to foster authentic, relevant teaching through six transformative verb families: Love, Protest, Restore, Invest, Inspire, and Create. Each verb supports educators in crafting lessons that engage and empower students by integrating their community values and issues. This dynamic approach encourages educators to develop curricula that not only enhance academic success but also promote social and emotional development, making learning more meaningful and impactful for students.


Simple yet powerful! A fantastic grabber to use with students and colleagues! I see students wanting to add actions to this Hope Wheel during the year.  Thank you for this!


I had not seen the Hope Wheel...and it's just stunning -- both in its elegance and also its instructional implications.

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