Part 5: More Ghana Teaching

Part 5. Ghana Project with InspireMath Ace It Foundation Quinton Sherlock. Spent another morning in classes at the Church of Christ Primary School and then a meet with officials at the District office. Being a former district office guy in Bermy, was anxious to talk with officials about the upcoming workshop. 80 teachers are coming after we installed a cutoff. My my first visit to the P6 (grade 5) classroom featured a male teacher. There were at least two male primary teachers in the one-class per level school. You don't always bump into male primary teachers and it is a powerful experience whenever it happens. In fact all of the teachers in primary and middle have been male. There is a dist

Part 4: Slave Castles and Parallels

Part 4: Ghana Project. InspireMath. Visit to Cape Coast Slave Castle. Wasn't prepared. The level of atrocity and humiliation is not adequately detailed in any book I've read. For example we stood in a dungeon (beneath the castle church ) cells maybe 30 by 15 which held 200 slaves who were kept in their own excrement in dark, humid squalid conditions. The floor we stood on was recently discovered under 4ft of feces and dead skin. The only deprived minds can create such a expertly contrived system of human torture and humiliation. The women separated. The radicals kept from the main groups. Trouble makers suffocated together and displayed. Across the middle passage bodies were thrown over. Som

Part 3: Building Boats

Part 3 Ghana project with Quinton Sherlock and InspireMath. We were headed to the Cape Coast when we spotted this amazing example of culturally relevant STEM - science and math for the people. A small group of young and old men building a ocean boat from a tree. Yes! One tree! I was amazed! You can't just build a boat. There is understanding of buoyancy, angles, curvature, friction, dimensions, waves and wind, force, etc. Just had to capture this moment of Black intellect. Reminds me of the boat builders and carpenters of Bermuda. Every day people do math!

Part I: "Are You Okay"

Part 1. InspireMath Ghana Project. So thankful to sit in on classes at Church of Christ Junior High School. So the teacher is teaching clock angle problems. I am wondering to myself he could really move on and challenge the class of 40 with more problems. I felt he was moving too slow. But then the teacher out of respect comes to me in a down moment and asks if he should move on. I told him yes and gave him two of the most difficult problems from his text (his kids can do it!). I am so humbled by his openness to change and vulnerability in front of his students. They didn't miss a beat as if this was the norm. He would chant throughout the lesson "are you okay". They reply yes! #ghanaexcelle

Part 2: Teaching AceIt!

Part 2. InspireMath. Day 2 of the Ghana project at Church of Christ Junior High school with Quinton Sherlock and Ace It Foundation. Quinton and his foundation creating an afterschool golf and academic enrichment program for students at the school. I thought I was observing but somehow ended up teaching 3 lessons but tried to demonstrate how critical thinking and problem solving is not only possible, but looks and feels different. Observations: (1) The students in comparison are the same as middle students anywhere- they want to be engaged. (2) it it easy to believe engagement is not possible for all our children because our ways of structure and organization are so traditional and exclusive.

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